Oktober 25, 2021
Oktober 27, 2021

Great news: Barton Perreira and the luxury fashion house Fear of God proudly present the collection “The Extension of 7th Energy: FGBP.2021”, which now marks the second collaboration between the two brands. New color variants that complement the coveted style are “Matte Sand” and “Matte Taupe”, which remain true to the characteristic, natural earth tones of Fear of God and can now also be seen in their “Seventh Collection”.

The classic rectangular acetate frame with slightly faded lenses is inspired by the optical Barton Perreira glasses frame that Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo wears in his daily design processes. The model is available as an optical frame in two fits, but can be worn both indoors and outdoors thanks to the slightly faded lenses. “The Extension of 7th Energy: FGBP.2021” was created due to the high demand for the FGBP.2020 framework that launched last year. The original collection is available in five color variants.

„Barton Perreira and Fear of God are two iconic brands that embody the Los Angeles spirit, which made coming together as one seamless journey. It’s an honor to continue to collaborate and create beautiful eyewear with Fear of God as we introduce new colors to our FGBP frame. Fear of God brings a modern twist to our classic optical while still embracing our craftsmanship, ”explains designer Patty Perreira.

Driven by a fearless commitment to craftsmanship and integrity, both labels share many basic ideas and core ideas, including the guiding principle of always making each frame with care and high precision. The Limited Edition comes in exclusive Barton Perreira x Fear of God collectible packaging. „The Extension of 7th Energy: FGBP.2021“ has been open since October 22, 2021 und as well as available from selected dealers since October 25, 2021.

The contribution Grounded appeared first Quality Magazine.