Oktober 27, 2021
Die heiligen drei Weine
Dezember 10, 2021

Natural stones are known to transmit an incredible amount of energy that affects each of us in very different ways. And because astrology and zodiac signs are totally in right now, the Italian designer label Salvatori has designed a very special collection for all astrology fans.

The „Gravity Zodiac“ collection by Salvatori consists of twelve spheres, each associated with a zodiac sign, the ruling planet, the correlating stone and, consequently, its unique energy. And in today’s world, which is becoming more and more hectic, it is more important than ever to understand our individual energy and to align ourselves accordingly with the universe.

The spheres are designed to rotate on a bronze base to simulate the movements of the celestial bodies. The corresponding sign of the zodiac, which the stone represents, is engraved on the base.

The idea behind the „Gravity Zodiac“ collection is to realign yourself with the energy of each ruling planet. That is why Salvatori created a small-format version according to the properties of each celestial body and the correlating zodiac sign.

The natural stones and planets used are astrologically connected to each other, which is why the stones get their energy from the respective planet with which they are connected in order to transfer it back to us. On the Salvatori homepage there is more information about the collection and exciting background knowledge to what extent your own zodiac sign is related to the stone: www.salvatoriofficial.com

And if all of this is too aloof for you, you can simply enjoy the beauty and design of the wonderful stones.

The contribution Levitating appeared first Quality Magazine.